I was lucky enough to grew up in a family in Italy where food was much more than a necessity to survive, it was a pleasure to be shared with friends and family, a way to bring back memories, a simple warm comfortable territory with incredible variety. There was no room for compromise on freshness, quality of ingredients and simple good tastes.


A leisurely long meal though, is a luxury that we don't always have but that should not prevent us from an equally satisfactory experience on the run, fulfilling our moods at different times of the day.


That's why Grano was born; simple good food, real Italian tastes, fresh high-quality ingredients, cooked a few moments before you eat it, an eye for healthy ancient grains salads and seasonal vegetables, but also those delicious hearty dishes that belong to our great Italian tradition.


— Ignazio Cipriani

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Grano New York - Simply Italian

by Ignazio Cipriani

645 5th Avenue - New York, New York 10022

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